Wes Anderson at Music Box Screening Tickets Snatched up in 10 Minutes

LAKEVIEW — Tickets to a free screening and Q&A with Wes Anderson at the Music Box were snatched up almost immediately Tuesday afternoon — but 100 fans will get another chance to snag a seat Wednesday at noon. The director with a cult following and

Что значит music box version?

В: Бывает песня обычная, а бывает music box

как переписываться в чате на music box ua?

В: как переписываться в чате на music box ua?

К "Мьюзик Боксу".

Краткий конспект истории. Есть в городе Краснодаре такой деятель, подсолнечный олигарх Игорь Марин, в какой-то момент решивший заняться рок-н-роллом, стать студийным боссом и продюсСером. Самое известное его деяние - проект True Symphonic Rockestra с участием Джеймса ЛаБри. Менее известное - группа Aspect, игравшая нечто среднее между хардом, прогметалом и мелодик-металом. Эта группа получилась из прогметал-группы Outsider путем замены всех музыкантов....

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Wes Anderson Coming To Music Box Theatre for Special Advance Screening of New Film

Pic via Southport Corridor · Wes Anderson, director of films such as classics The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and Bottle Rocket, is coming to the Music Box Theatre on Saturday, March 1, for an in-person Q&A following an advance screening of his

Come Together: American Folk Music and Classical Players Unite for Exploration ...

Come Together: American Folk Music and Classical Players Unite for Exploration ...

"Bluegrass music changed my life by forcing me to challenge my concept of the folk. Rather than understanding it solely as musical material, I now understand it as living and breathing tradition," says Ethan Joseph at New Music Box. "Incorporating folk

Berlin: Music Box Buys American Rights to 'Critico'

Music Box Films has acquired all U.S. and Canadian rights to Hernan Guerschuny’s post-modern homage to film criticism “ El Critico .”

The Argentine-Chilean pic follows a world-weary Buenos Aires film critic who prefers to think in French and eschews romantic cliches until he finds himself living one. Pic marks the directorial debut of Guerschuny, a former film critic and co-founder of Argentina’s Haciendo Cine (Filmmaking) magazine.

The first feature produced by HC Films, “El Critico” played at various festivals including Sao Paulo and the AFI Latin American film fests. It’s the latest addition to Music Box Films’ slate of Spanish-language titles, which includes “The Torrente Package,” based on Spain’s blockbusting comedy franchise.

“ ‘El Critico really charmed us with its dual appeal,” said Music Box Films’ managing director Ed Arentz. “On the one hand, it’s a brilliant, meta nod to the world of film criticism, and on the other — a genuinely engaging, entertaining romantic comedy. It offers something special for film lovers of all varieties.”

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